Sweepstakes Poker in US

Is it legal? How does it work? Sweepstakes Poker seems to be getting more popular every day. Here is a short summary together with our recommendations.

What is Sweepstakes Poker?

Sweepstakes Poker sites sells virtual currency similar to any other game with in-game currency. To promote the sale of the virtual currency a Sweepstakes currency is given away to the buyer. The Sweepstakes currency can be used to play poker against other players and winnings can be withdrawn and cash prize (often 1:1 with USD).

Is it legal?

Many companies outside of poker worldwide have used, and are using sweepstakes to promote and sell their products. Sweepstakes promotions have been used for decades in the US, maybe you remember the McDonalds’ Monopoly millionaire sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes as sales promotions have a long tradition and is is completely legal. Sweepstakes are offered by a large number of brands and companies and any regulatory change would have broad consequences and likely be challenged.

We also asked an lawyer withing gambling regulations to take a look at the business model to get an expert view on it. The reply was that this falls under Sweepstakes regulations and therefore legal in the US with the exception of the state of Washington because Sweepstakes is not allowed in that state. So if you live in the state of Washington, then Sweepstakes poker is not for you.

Sweepstakes Poker made Safe

Sweepstakes Poker is a good option to play poker compared to say play money sites like Zynga, but also real money gambling sites that are operating illegally and accepting US players.

It allows for the possibility to win real cash prizes so the game play is much more intense than compared to sites like Zynga.

As always we recommend to not keep a large bankroll on the site itself though. Keep what you need to bankroll a couple of tables and redeem your prizes when you can.

Best Sweepstakes Poker Site

We recommend Quarter Poker as the best Sweepstakes Poker site to play at right now. The reasons are;

100% US Owned, not only are you supporting a US owned company but this also means that the company will be under scrutiny of US company laws which is more safe for the players.

Soft Games, Quarter Poker is still growing. Right now the games are super soft and even a decent poker player can do very well here.

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